Saranac Chain of Lakes
From Cochran's Adirondack Cabins, you are able to travel from Kiwassa Lake, by boat, to the Village of Saranac Lake, via the Saranac Lake Chain of Lakes. The popular Adirondack route from Kiwassa Lake takes you through Oseetah Lake into the Village of Saranac Lake where the Saranac River begins. You may also enjoy a waterway trip 40 miles through scenic Adirondack lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and go through New York State lock systems into the Adirondack State Preserve.
On-Site Boat Rentals
Boat rentals may be available during your stay but it is best to reserve early as we cannot guarantee availability. We offer canoes, kayaks and rowboats with or without motors.


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After, during or part of your stay, take a canoe/camping trip. Park your car at Cochran's who will then drop you off with your gear, including canoe/kayak, at Lower or Middle Saranac Lake. Paddle back the same day and/or camp overnight - camping is available on both Lower or Middle Saranac Lake on an Adirondack island.

The Adirondack Mountain region offers 689 lakes and ponds. we are is located on Kiwassa Lake, which has access to the Saranac Lake Chain.

Learn more about the Adirondack Lakes.


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Local Starter Hike
There are 46 High Peaks in the Adirondack Mountain region with many experienced hikers earning the designation of an "Adirondack 46er". If you're looking for a simpler, local hike, Mt. Baker may be a good start depending on your physical condition. Approximately 1 mile up and 1 mile down, the base is minutes from the cabins and the summit offers views of the Village of Saranac Lake.
From and on Kiwassa Lake, fish for Northern pike, trout, bass, perch, whitefish and panfish. Whether you prefer fishing the waters of summer or the sub-zero ice that has formed mid-winter, Kiwassa Lake offers some of the best fishing in the Adirondacks. ESPN has also held its Great Outdoor Games Bass Fishing Tournament on the Saranac Chain of Lakes!
PBS ice fishing video filmed on Kiwassa Lake

Fishing Map
Bird Watching
The Adirondacks is a destination for birders regardless of the season. Click here for a photo gallery of photos taken on or near Kiwassa Lake & its surrounding waterways.

Photo credits for most of the bird photos on this website go to Myndy Woodruff.


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Adirondack Carousel
This unique attraction in downtown Saranac Lake is a testament to the small town atmosphere of Saranac Lake. Built with donations, on the backs of volunteers, riders can choose from 18 Adirondack wildlife figures and a Chris Craft style chariot. Photo credit: Larry Asam Photography
The Wild Center
Created with children in mind, the Wild Center is an Adirondack experience that you won't want to miss. Hands-on exhibits that play music, make clouds, blow snow, etc… There are even secret exhibits that only children will see.


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Adirondack Museum
Located in Blue Mountain Lake, about an hour and a half from our property, the Adirondack Museum has activities and exhibits for all ages.
Whiteface Mountain & Chair Lift - Whiteface Mountain offers a ski mountain in the winter as well as a gondola ride in other seasons, as weather permits. On the other side of the mountain, you can also drive up to a castle at the summit on the Memorial Highway.


Saranac Lake, Lake Placid & Tupper Lake
There are a multitude of local events regardless of the time of year. Saranac Lake hosts multiple annual events with two popular ones being the Annual Can-Am Rugby Tournament in August and the Winter Carnival in February. Lake Placid was the site of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics and is currently the host of an annual Ironman competition.