Mackenzie's Lean-To

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Mackenzie's Lean-to is a classic Adirondack lean-to situated amidst the Adirondack wilderness just 25' from the water's edge of Kiwassa Outlet. The unique spot offers lovely sunset and water views with one cabin relatively close by.

Private outdoor shower is on the site affording our guests hot and cold running water just steps from the lean-to. Included in the rental price is garbage removal placed in designated bins as well as parking for two cars.

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What is an Adirondack lean-to? An Adirondack lean-to is a three sided log camping structure which provides overhead shelter. It's a 'step up' from camping on the direct ground.

What to bring
This is a lean-to which means you'll need gear for cooking, cleaning, sleeping, bathing, etc… In addition, click here for other suggestions of what to bring

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Look closely at the photo above - a family of 3 deer at Mackenzie's Lean-To!
Photo taken September, 2012